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How do you cross the marvelous bridge?

How do you cross the marvelous bridge?

Marvelous Bridge is one of the many new locations to explore after you complete the main game. To get there, just go to Nimbasa City, then head east to Route 16, and go east again to get to the bridge.

How do you cross the marvelous bridge in Pokemon Black 2?

Marvelous Bridge is a short bridge in Eastern Unova. It connects Route 15 in the East to Route 16 in the West. Like Driftveil Drawbridge, dark spots will show up on the bridge from time to time….Marvelous Bridge.

Wild Pokemon
Swanna Dark Spots

How do you get across the Skyarrow bridge in Pokemon White 2?

The player can access it after retrieving the Dragon Skull from Team Plasma. The bridge has two spans to support it across the water and loops off on the eastern entrance. Each end of the bridge has a gate between it and the area it is connected to.

How do you cross Chargestone cave?

Chargestone Cave B1F Part 2 Use the stairs east of Bianca to go back to 1F. Up ahead, there is Ace Trainer Mary. She has a level 34 Tirtouga and a level 34 Magmar. Go west from her and push the floating rock out of the way to make a shortcut to the entrance of Chargestone Cave.

How do I open the marvelous bridge?

Marvelous Bridge

  1. Marvelous Bridge (Japanese: ワンダーブリッジ Wonder Bridge) is a through arch bridge that connects Route 15 in eastern Unova to Route 16 in central Unova.
  2. The bridge is inaccessible until after the player defeats GhetsisBW or enters the Hall of FameB2W2.

Can you catch Pokemon on Tubeline bridge?

Location of Tubeline Bridge in Unova. The Tubeline Bridge (Japanese: シリンダーブリッジ Cylinder Bridge) is a very large bridge in the Unova region between Route 8 and Route 9….Pokémon Black and White.

Trainer Pokémon
Biker JeremyFr ヒデアキ Hideaki Reward: 1120 Joltik♂ Lv.35 No item
Scraggy♂ Lv.35 No item
Krokorok♂ Lv.35 No item

Where is the ghost girl in Pokemon Black?

While that left a lot of questions up in the air, Game Freak apparently decided it was worth explaining, as Pokemon Black and White 2 revisits the character. The ghost of the little girl can be found again in the Strange House, near the base of Reversal Mountain.

How do you get Darkrai in Pokemon Black 2?

The only way to legally get Darkrai in BW 2 is to trade with someone who have it in person.

How do you get to Skyarrow bridge?

To get to the now-opened Skyarrow Bridge, Fly to Castelia City and head east along the street from the Pokemon Center, to the gate at the end. Head through the gate and you’ll be at the foot of the bridge!

Is there a legendary Pokemon in Chargestone cave?

Cobalian is tucked away in Mistralton Cave. To get there, go to the stream near Chargestone cave, then use surf and head right up it. Find him on the 3rd floor. After you’ve caught Cobalian, Virizon will show up in the Pinwheel Forest, just near Nacrene City.

How do you move rocks in Chargestone cave?

As you go farther into the cave, you will find a crystal that won’t move if you push it from the right. Push it from the left to move it out of the way. The floating crystals are attracted to the larger crystals that are embedded in the floor, so be sure to always push the floating crystals toward the large crystals.

When can I go on marvelous bridge?

The bridge is inaccessible until after the player defeats GhetsisBW or enters the Hall of FameB2W2. In Black and White, two Workers block the gate leading to the bridge from Route 16, while in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, the elevator connecting the Route 16 gate to the bridge is broken.