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How many albums did Far Beyond Driven sell?

How many albums did Far Beyond Driven sell?

When it was released on March 22, 1994, Far Beyond Driven became nothing short of a validation for headbangers. It roared to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and earned a gold certification for 500,000 units sold in the U.S. within two months of its release.

What is the heaviest Pantera album?

Far Beyond Driven
2. Far Beyond Driven. It’s up for debate, but a good case could be made that Pantera’s 1994 opus still stands as the heaviest album to ever debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart.

What album is Walk by Pantera?

Vulgar Display of Power

What means far beyond?

1 at or to a point on the other side of; at or to the further side of. beyond those hills there is a river. 2 outside the limits or scope of. beyond this country’s jurisdiction. adv.

Where was Far Beyond Driven recorded?

Far Beyond Driven is the seventh album by heavy metal band Pantera….

Far Beyond Driven
Released March 22, 1994
Recorded 1993 At Abtrax Recording, In Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Length 56:31
Label EastWest

Has Metallica ever had a number one hit?

Metallica’s No. 1 Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs are: Until it Sleeps (1996); Hero of the Day (1996); Turn the Page (1998); No Leaf Clover (2000); I Disappear (2000); The Day That Never Comes (2008); Cyanide (2009); Hardwired (2016); Atlas, Rise! (2017); and All Within My Hands (2020).

What is the Pantera Far Beyond Driven album cover?

It is considered one of the most extreme albums ever to debut at #1 in the US. The album’s original artwork (a drill bit impaling an anus) was quickly replaced with a new image, depicting a skull impaled with a drill bit.

What is the hardest Pantera song?

The 10 heaviest songs by Pantera

  • SLAUGHTERED (Far Beyond Driven, 1994)
  • STRENGTH BEYOND STRENGTH (Far Beyond Driven, 1994)
  • THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILL (The Great Southern Trendkill, 1996)
  • FUCKING HOSTILE (Vulgar Display Of Power, 1992)
  • MOUTH FOR WAR (Vulgar Display Of Power, 1992)

What is Metallica’s fastest song?

In terms of individual songs, ‘Master of Puppets’ is the fastest at 220 bpm and ‘Nothing Else Matters’ is the slowest at 46 bpm.

Is Pantera thrash?

Pantera are generally considered a groove metal band. The band’s early albums in the 1980s were glam metal with New Wave of British Heavy Metal influences. Pantera also has been described as thrash metal.

What is Pantera’s most famous song?

The Top 10 Pantera Songs

  • 4 – Walk (Vulgar Display Of Power)
  • 3 – Floods (The Great Southern Trendkill)
  • 2 – Domination (Cowboys From Hell)
  • 1 – Cemetery Gates (Cowboys From Hell)
  • Goddamn Electric (Reinventing The Steel)
  • Suicide Note Pt 1+2 (The Great Southern Trendkill)
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