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Is Compaq a good brand?

Is Compaq a good brand?

As in most low-budget laptops, you have to live with average screen but the screen resolution in this laptop seems to be quite decent. If you are currently looking for a budget laptop with good configuration HP Compaq is surely a choice.

What happened Compaq brand?

Compaq Computer Corporation, former American computer manufacturer that started as the first maker of IBM-compatible portable computers and quickly grew into the world’s best-selling personal computer brand during the late 1980s and ’90s. Compaq was acquired by the Hewlett-Packard Company in 2002.

Is Compaq good for gaming?

The included Compaq-branded mouse and keyboard should suffice for most gaming and general-use purposes, although we would have preferred to see a more refined mouse from Logitech or Microsoft with extra assignable buttons.

Can Compaq laptops be upgraded?

If you have an older Compaq Presario, chances are good that it could benefit from an upgrade. These computers were built to be long lasting and reliable, but over time they can slow down as new pieces of hardware and software are introduced.

Is HP better than Compaq?

-HP machines tend to start with higher prices but slightly better configurations. Ultimately, however, Compaq versions are cheaper almost every time, and generally offer more discounts. -Compaq doesn’t have its own business line.

How much did HP pay for Compaq?

Hewlett-Packard said yesterday that it was acquiring Compaq Computer for $25 billion in stock in a bold move to grow as the computer industry struggles with shrinking sales. The merger, if completed, would produce a company with total revenue only slightly less than that of I.B.M., the largest computer company.

Why was the Compaq discontinued?

Struggling to keep up in the price wars against Dell, as well as with a risky acquisition of DEC, Compaq was acquired for US$25 billion by HP in 2002. The Compaq brand remained in use by HP for lower-end systems until 2013 when it was discontinued.

Why did HP buy Compaq?

Through the acquisition, Compaq hoped to graduate from being a manufacturer of PCs and low-cost servers to a full-service computer provider with high-end hardware, an international services and consulting group, and chip technology.

Why is my Compaq laptop so slow?

Common causes of slow system performance: Temporary files, cookies, un-cleared Recycle Bin that cause less disk space. No free disk space or disk errors. Applications that require more system resources. Too many tasks running at the same time.

What is the price of Compaq laptop?

HP Compaq CQ43-405AU Laptop price in India is Rs 18,994.

Is Compaq from HP?

What is the difference between HP and Compaq?

What kind of processor does the Compaq Presario cq45 have?

1 Product description Category Description Intel models with discrete graphics Intel models with UMA graphics AMD models Product Name Compaq Presario CQ45 Notebook PC√ √ √ Processors Intel® Core™2 Duo processors

How much memory does a cq45 notebook need?

Graphics nVidia Discrete PCI Express × 16 Graphics nVidia NB9M GE-S with 256 MB of dedicated video memory (32M × 16 DDR2 × 4 PCs) System design supports up to 12-W GPU requirement. √ 2 Chapter 1 Product description

Which is better Lenovo or HP Compaq laptop?

(BigBox Israel) couldn’t get the Lenovo with similar price from an official importer store. Can’t say much about the Lenovo About the HP Compaq, I’m quite satisfied from this laptop. Even thought most of the programs I run