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What are the circles on G shock?

What are the circles on G shock?

those are simply graphics that count the seconds. think of them as the seconds hand for a digital watch. the two left circles ticks every one second, the final circle on the right fills a segment every 10 seconds.

What do the numbers on Ag shock mean?

From the list concerning the 1st Part of the model number, we see that “GG” refers to a model from the G-Shock line. “1000” is the ID for this particular model. The number “1” means that the case is Black. The number “5” means that the dial and/or the hands are Brown.

What is speed indicator in G shock?

The Casio G-shock men’s watch features a vibrant dial that’s the perfect blend of tangy red and iridescent blue and perfectly complements the contrast black band to give you a sporty look. It comes with a speed indicator, which serves as a stop watch to calculate lap time, time elapsed and the slip time in seconds.

What are the functions of G Shock watch?

Features to Expect from G-Shock Watches All Watches: 200M Water Resistance, 12/24 Hour Formats for Digital Display Models, Shock Resistance, Alarm, Full Auto Calendar, Stopwatch or Chronograph.

What does STW mean on G shock?

Remember, the ‘Home Time’ keeping mode and ‘World Time’ keeping mode can be differentiated by observing the digital display for the day of the week, if it shows a time-zone rather than the day, it is ‘World Time’, and if it displays a date in place of the time-zone, it is ‘Home Time’.

How are G shocks measured?

Shocks are usually measured by accelerometers but other transducers and high speed imaging are also used. A wide variety of laboratory instrumentation is available; stand-alone shock data loggers are also used. Proper placement of measuring instruments is critical.

Is G-Shock a good brand?

Sure, Swiss watches have finesse, but if you have a reputation for being ‘indestructible’, G-Shock is the watch for you, and perhaps the only watch in the world that gives you a ‘Triple-10’ guarantee, i.e., 10 bar or 100 meters water resistance, a 10 year battery life and the ability to withstand a 10m drop (a three …

Do g shocks hold value?

Registered. Used ones hold their value if you pay a decent price, but if you pay on the high end then you risk loosing money. New ones loose value in general, unless its a desirable limited edition.

What does STW mean in texting?

Summary of Key Points

Definition: Search the Web
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers