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What does a cleco do?

What does a cleco do?

Widely used in the manufacture and repair of aluminum-skinned aircraft, it is used to temporarily fasten sheets of material together, or to hold parts such as stiffeners, frames etc together, before they are permanently joined.

What is a klinko?

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What do you think is the purpose of the cleco fastener and Cleco plier?

Cleco fasteners are a popular assistant for holding sheet metal together through a hole. They can also be used with fiberglass or plastic and will save hours of setup and positioning time.

Who invented Clecos?

Jean J. Blanc
2,136,875, which I believe to be the first U.S. patent issued for what we now know as a Cleco. The patent was originally filed on March 16, 1936, by a Frenchman named Jean J. Blanc, who had filed the same patent in France in May of 1935.

What is a Cleco hole?

A Cleco is a small metal holder that is installed in a rivet hole to temporarily fasten two pieces of metal together prior to riveting.

What type of device is a cleco fastener?

Reusable Sheet Metal Fasteners The Cleco fastener consists of a steel cylinder body with a plunger on the top, a spring, a pair of step-cut locks, and a spreader bar. These fasteners come in six different sizes: 3⁄32, 1⁄8, 5⁄32, 3⁄16, 1⁄4, and 3⁄8-inch in diameter with the size stamped on the fastener.

Who owns Cleco electric?

Cleco Group LLC
Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC/Parent organizations

What are temporary rivets called?

Cleco temporary rivets, also called blind grip fasteners, are used for a number of fabrication applications requiring a quick temporary fastener.

Why is my Cleco bill so high?

Cleco attributes the following factors as contributing to higher customer bills: 2020 hurricanes, increases in operating costs and new rate structure, extremely high temperatures and February ice storms, and rising fuel costs.

Who bought out Cleco?

On March 28, 2016, the Louisiana Public Service Commission in a 4-1 vote approved the sale of Cleco for $4.9 billion to a foreign purchasing group led by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation, John Hancock Financial, and other infrastructure investors.

Is the kleko360 a single sided fastener or doweled?

The Kleko360 provides a single sided temporary fastener (SSTF) that is so much more than the product it replaces; we provide a doweled fastener to maximise the hole fill. This increases the clamping area by up to 1000% and allows customers to increase the clamping load while reduce the risk of damaging both metal and composite structures.

Which is the correct spelling cleko or Cleco?

A cleco, also spelled generically cleko, is a temporary fastener developed by the Cleveland Pneumatic Tool Company.

What kind of Clecos are used for sheet metal?

Other types of clecos are side grip cleco clamps and wing nut clecos. The side grip clecos are used to hold material together without holes being drilled. Wing nut clecos are designed to pull pieces of metal together by their gripping action. We will follow up with an additional article on sheet metal tools.

How are Clecos used in the aerospace industry?

Cleco (fastener) Widely used in the manufacture and repair of aluminum -skinned aircraft, it is used to temporarily fasten sheets of material together, or to hold parts such as stiffeners, frames etc together, before they are permanently joined. Clecos are installed in holes predrilled through the workpieces…