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What does Jerry Rice do for a living now?

What does Jerry Rice do for a living now?

Jerry is a philanthropist and has a grantmaking foundation in the Bay Area, Jerry’s adopted community. He’s come a long way from Mississippi, but then again, they do call him Jerry “World” Rice: the greatest wide receiver in NFL history.

What did Jerry Rice do retired?

Rice’s post-NFL career Rice’s highest-profile job since retiring has been as an NFL analyst for ESPN. He joined the network in 2011, seven years after he retired, because he “need[ed] to be part of a team again.” Rice left the network after two years, in what an ESPN spokesperson called a “mutual” decision.

Why is Jerry Rice important?

Hall of Fame wide receiver and three-time Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice is widely regarded as the best wide receiver to ever play in the National Football League, and arguably the greatest player of all time.

What did Jerry Rice do as a kid?

His father was a mason, and as a kid, Jerry Rice helped haul bricks and mortar when his father had too much work.

What is Jerry Rice card worth?

Mint, graded examples of Topps’ 1986 Jerry Rice rookie card are selling for $600 and up as of this writing and have grown significantly in value in recent years. BGS 9.5 examples usually sell for approximately $2,000 with the rare PSA 10 graded Rice cards now stretching into five figures.

How did Jerry Rice impact society?

Jerry Rice made an instant impact on the college team and quickly earned the nickname “World” because there was no ball in the world he couldn’t catch. In college, he had a total of 51 touchdown catches and averaged 10 catches per game in 1984, when Mississippi Valley State averaged over 59 points per game.

What was Jerry Rice’s 40 time?

4.71 seconds
Jerry Rice/40 yard dash time
But Rice did run a famously slow 40 — 4.71 seconds — at the 1985 combine, which allowed the San Francisco 49ers to draft the future Hall of Famer, the gold standard for receivers ever since, at No.