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What flowers grow in Samoa?

What flowers grow in Samoa?

List of Samoan plant common names

Samoan name Scientific name English name
ʻAute Samoa Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Red hibiscus
ʻAva, ʻAva Samoa, kava Piper methysticum Kava
ʻAvaʻavaaitu Macropiper puberulum
ʻAvaʻavaaitu sosolo

What is the Samoan flower called?

The Teuila or ginger flower is the national flower of Samoa and is centrepiece for the Teuila Festival held every year.

What plants are in American Samoa?

Plants known only from American Samoa include Psychotria garberiana (Higher Plants and Ferns of National Park of AS), Cyrtandra geminata (Rare Plants of American Samoa), Elatostema tutuilense (Rare Plants of American Samoa) (GBIF), Elatostema scabriusculum (JSTOR), Morinda mayorii (JSTOR), Melicope richii (Rare Plants …

How many full blooded Samoans are there?


Total population
c. 650,000-700,000
Regions with significant populations
United States 112,845
Samoa c. 202,506

What is a Pua flower?

The pua melia (plumeria) flower is a Hawaian symbol that’s used to make leis, and comes in a variety of colours. Many women follow a custom of adorning their left ear with a flower if they are married or romantically engaged and their right if they’re looking for someone // photo by Matt Munro #hawaii #flower.

What do Samoan flowers mean?

They symbolise fiery passion, and is the national flower of Samoa. In Samoa, the Red Ginger is known as “Teuila” (te-oo-wee-lah).

What animals live in Samoa?

Rats, wild cattle, and pigs have been introduced. Among the smaller animals found in Samoa are several species of lizards, two snakes of the boa family, centipedes and millipedes, scorpions, spiders, and a wide variety of insects.

What animals live in American Samoa?

Samoa Wildlife

  • Turtles. Sea turtles are seen regularly in the lagoons of Samoa.
  • Marine mammals. Many species of dolphins frequent Samoa’s waters, and porpoises and whales migrate through the ocean that surrounds the fringing reefs.
  • Birds.
  • Flying foxes.
  • Reef fish.
  • Goldfish.