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What happens if Matt sees Emily and Mike?

What happens if Matt sees Emily and Mike?

If he saw Mike with Emily, he can either fight Mike or tell him that he saw him and Emily through the telescope. Mike will tell Matt that they were just talking and Matt can either back down or challenge him further. Mike and Jessica will start to cuddle just as Emily walks in.

What happens if Mike kills Emily?

If Mike survived the night and killed Emily, he will confess to murdering her but will try to defend his position by claiming that she was infected and that he needed to stop her.

Are Emily and Mike dating?

Sometime in between, Mike broke up with Emily, and both have started new relationships. They appear to still be friends, as they meet on the trail to talk and hug. Emily appears to still have feelings for Mike, lashing out at his new girlfriend immediately upon seeing them together.

Should Mike kill Emily?

Shooting Emily dead will unlock the “Exorcism Of Emily” Bronze Trophy. If Mike doesn’t shoot her, you unlock the “Let eM In” Bronze Trophy instead. Pick wisely!

Should Matt jump to safety or save Emily?

Matt has a choice about saving Emily or jumping to safety. Matt survives if he jumps to safety. If he tries to save Emily twice, she falls anyway, and Matt is tossed to a landing.

What happens if Matt doesn’t catch Emily?

If Matt catches Emily, she will thank him and suggest that he go first. Matt will reassure Emily that she won’t fall until the end of the edge. If he fails, he will have to pull her back up or not help her up at all. She will go first the rest of the way in silence.

Can Emily become a Wendigo?

But in Episode 8, a Wendigo Emily gets chased by a Wendigo in the mines. If you fail the QTEs while running, the Wendigo will catch her and kill her. Ashley notices the bite on her neck and starts freaking out about how Emily is infected, will become a Wendigo, and will turn and kill them all.

Can Emily avoid being bitten?

Emily shoots the flare. Successfully shooting it will allow her to escape without being bitten. Not being bitten gives Mike nothing to confront her about, which also spares her a potential death. Missing the shot will result in the Wendigo jumping on Emily and biting her.

Is Josh bad until dawn?

Josh struggles to come to terms with the disappearance of his sisters. The event triggered depression, which became more and more severe a year before the events of Until Dawn. If the Psychiatric Report is found, it’s revealed that Josh has been diagnosed as mentally ill since he was 11 years old.

Can you save Beth?

She is the only playable character who isn’t one of the lodge survivors. She is also the only playable character that cannot be saved, no matter what choices the player makes.

Can Matt save Emily?

Can Matt survive without flare gun?

Not having the usable flare gun, or missing the shot, will result in Matt’s death. If Jessica is still alive by Chapter 10 (and Matt used the flare gun to save himself), Matt will be able to warn her about “the monster”, as opposed to informing her about The Psycho.