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What is a line organization?

What is a line organization?

: the part of a business organization that forms an integrated whole concerned with the production of the goods or services that are the stock in trade of the organization —often distinguished from staff.

What is line Organisation in simple words?

Line organization is the simplest framework for the whole administrative organization. Line organization approaches the vertical flow of the relationship. In line organization, authority flows from the top to the bottom. It is also known as the chain of command or scalar principle.

Which is the main dis advantage of line organization?

– A line organization can suffer from a lack of specialization. This is because each department manager is concerned only with the activities of his own department. Therefore, employees are skilled in tasks pertaining to their departments alone. -These organizations are based on the autocratic system of management.

What is the example of line organization?

Examples of line organizations are small businesses in which the top manager, often the owner, is positioned at the top of the organizational structure and has clear “lines” of distinction between him and his subordinates.

What are the features of line organization?

Features of Line Organization Line of authority flows from top to bottom. Specialized and supportive services do not take place in these organization. Unified control by the line officers can be maintained since they can independently take decisions in their areas and spheres.

What are the features of line Organisation?

The line organisation has the following good points:

  • Simplicity:
  • Identification of Authority and Responsibility:
  • Co-Ordination:
  • Effective Communication:
  • Economical:
  • Quick Decisions:
  • Unity of Command:
  • Effective Control and Supervision:

What is pure line Organisation?

(a) Simple or Pure Line Organisation: In the ‘Pure Line organisation’ the activities (at any level of management) are the same with each man performing the same type of work and the divisions primarily exist for the purpose of control and direction. In practice, such type of organisation rarely exists.

What is organization with example?

The definition of organization refers to the act of putting things into a logical order or the act of taking an efficient and orderly approach to tasks, or a group of people who have formally come together. When you clean up your desk and file all of your papers into logical spots, this is an example of organization.