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What is cutoff rank for VIT Vellore?

What is cutoff rank for VIT Vellore?

VIT University, Vellore Candidates securing a rank between 7500- 27500 will be eligible for admissions in Vellore campus. The closing rank for Computer Science and Engineering (with Bioinformatics as specialization) went up till 7500 while for Computer Science and Engineering, it went up till 15000.

What is the qualifying marks for VITEEE?

VITEEE Eligibility Criteria 2022: Foreign Candidates Candidates should have a minimum of 60% aggregate marks in these subjects in 10+2 or equivalent.

What is the cutoff for VITEEE 2021?

Candidates with scores of 118 or above will probably fall between 1-250 position range….Important Highlights For VITEEE Cut Off 2021.

Marks obtained in VITEEE 2021 Opening Rank Closing Rank
118 + 1 250
113 — 117 251 500
90 — 113 501 2,500
81 — 90 2,501 5,000

How much percentile is required for VITEEE?

Candidates with a score of 118 or above are likely to fall between 1-250 rank range. Those with less than 31 marks are expected to have a rank of 20,000 or below….VIT Vellore VITEEE Cutoff 2021 Prediction: Key highlights.

Marks obtained in VITEEE 2021 Opening Rank Closing Rank
81 – 90 2,501 5,000
72 – 81 5,001 6,500

Is 12000 a good rank in Viteee?

12000 rank in VITEEE is a pretty decent rank.

Is 12000 a good rank in VITEEE?

What is a good rank in VIT 2021?

The good rank in VITEEE 2021 can be defined only on the basis of the number of candidates appeared for the exam. Usually, almost 1,00,000 candidates appear for the entrance exam, and a good rank range can be around 5,000. Candidates securing a rank under 5,000 have chances of securing admission in popular B.

Is VIT better than nit?

Answer. To be honest even you get a tier2 IITs and NITs, it is much far better than VIT, SRM. And also tag of NIT or IIT is of much value. So you have chances for good IITs or NITs then go for it then VIT or SRM.

Is 56000 a good rank in Viteee?

With a rank of about 56,000 you cannot get a seat at Vellore campus of Vellore Institute of Technology for any popular branch. VIT VELLORE is the oldest campus and has very high reputation. So Cutoffs are very high here. For good branches, you must try for VIT Bhopal or VIT Amaravati.

Is VIT Vellore expensive?

Answer: The VIT tuition fee for B. Tech Computer Science and Engineering at VIT is Rs 1,95,000/year. However, students will have to pay Rs 3,000 as an additional caution fee in the first year.

What is the highest package in VIT?

VIT Vellore Placements 2022 Report

Particulars Placement Statistics (2020-21) Placement Statistics (2021-22)
Total (unique) 5491 714
Overall Offers 9472 717
Highest Package INR 44 LPA INR 75 LPA
Top Recruiters Microsoft, Infosys, HP Dyte, PayPal, DE Shaw