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What is The Silver Sword in the book The Silver Sword?

What is The Silver Sword in the book The Silver Sword?

The Silver Sword is a paper knife that symbolizes the past and the family’s strength to move onward. This is the story of a Polish family during World War II. Before the war the family did well. The father was headmaster of a private school.

What is the theme of The Silver Sword?

The Silver Sword is essentially about the children’s journey, on their own, to reunite with their parents in Switzerland. It is therefore safe to conclude that the main theme of the story is Survival.

How did The Silver Sword end?

At the end of The Silver Sword, Margrit is reunited with her children in Switzerland, indicating that Joseph was correct in this belief, although it is never disclosed when during the course of the war she made her escape or how she got to Switzerland.

What age is the silver sword suitable for?

The Silver Sword Review This edition is part of the Vintage Children’s Classics series which is aimed at and shaped by 8-12 year olds, and the adults in their lives.

Who is the antagonist in the silver sword?

In The Silver Sword by Ian Serraillier, the antagonist is not any particular character but rather the Nazis and the ravages of the war that wages because of them. Ruth, Edek, and Bronia Balicki are left to survive on their own when the Nazis take their parents to work camps.

What is the plot of the silver sword?

Having lost their parents in the chaos of war, Ruth, Edek and Bronia are left alone to fend for themselves and hide from the Nazis amid the rubble and ruins of their city. They meet a ragged orphan boy, Jan, who treasures a paperknife – a silver sword – which was entrusted to him by an escaped prisoner of war.

What age is The Silver Sword suitable for?

What is the summary of the silver sword?

When was Ian Serraillier born and when did he die?

Serraillier was born in London on 24 September 1912. He was the eldest of the four children of Lucien Serraillier (1886–1919) and Mary Kirkland Rodger (1883–1940).

What kind of children did Ian Serraillier have?

They had three daughters and a son. The Papers of Ian Serraillier held at the University of Reading largely comprise manuscripts, typescripts, and galley proofs, including Fight for Freedom, The Clashing Rocks, The Cave of Death, Havelock the Dane, They Raced for Treasure, Flight to Adventure, and The Silver Sword.

When did Ian Serraillier write escape from Warsaw?

The book was published in the United States under the title Escape from Warsaw. Beginning in 1961, Serraillier devoted most of his time to writing fiction and non-fiction, poems, and educational programmes for television.

Who are the characters in the silver sword?

These were followed by several more adventure stories, including his best-known The Silver Sword (1956), which follows the story of four refugee children, three of them siblings: Ruth, Edek, and Bronia. The fourth, Jan, is another of the many Warsaw war orphans who has somehow met their father.