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What is trellis drainage?

What is trellis drainage?

A drainage pattern in which tributaries join at high angles, often approaching right angles, which is common in areas with rocks of different strengths (thus resistance to erosion) and in areas with regular series of folds (anticlines and synclines).

What is the difference between trellis and rectangular drainage pattern?

In a trellis pattern, the river forms a net like system and the tributaries flow roughly parallel to each other. The drainage pattern marked by right-angled bends and right-angled junctions between tributaries and the main stream is known as rectangular drainage.

What do you mean by dendritic drainage?

A dendritic drainage pattern is the most common form and looks like the branching pattern of tree roots. It develops in regions underlain by homogeneous material. That is, the subsurface geology has a similar resistance to weathering so there is no apparent control over the direction the tributaries take.

What is the example of trellis drainage pattern?

Example of Trellis Drainage Pattern The streams near the Southeast of Piney Mountain and Little Allegheny Mountain are known to form a trellis stream pattern. Here, the resistant bedrock ridges get drained by the shorter stream, and the non-resistant units form valleys with the SUBSEQUENT streams.

What are the four types of drainage?

The Four Types Of Drainage Systems For Your Home

  • Surface Drainage System.
  • Subsurface Drainage System.
  • Slope Drainage System.
  • Downspout and Gutter Systems.
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What is an example of antecedent drainage?

Examples. Many Himalayan rivers are good examples of antecedent origin. These rivers originated well before the Himalayan region was uplifted. The rivers Indus, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, Kosi and Subansiri originated on the Tibetan side and now traverse the existing mountain ranges, cutting deep gorges.

What is the other name of dendritic drainage pattern?

Pinnate drainage pattern
The word ” dendrites ” has a Greek origin which simply means ” of or like a tree “. It is also known as the Pinnate drainage pattern. There are a number of sub rivers that feed the main river and these sub rivers appear like branches.

What are different types of drainage pattern?

Drainage patterns

  • Dendritic drainage pattern.
  • Parallel drainage pattern.
  • Trellis drainage pattern.
  • Rectangular drainage pattern.
  • Radial drainage pattern.
  • Centripetal drainage pattern.
  • Deranged drainage pattern.
  • Annular drainage pattern.

Which drainage is most advisable in cutting?

7. Which type of drainage most advisable in cutting? Explanation: The most advisable type of the drainage in the cutting is open deep drainage because it is the most convenient type in cutting, remaining types can also be used if there is no alternative.

What are the main types of drainage?

The types of drainage systems will allow you a better comprehension of their roles and how they work together.

  • Surface Drainage System. Surface drainage systems remove excess water from the land’s surface through channels or ditches.
  • Subsurface Drainage System.
  • Slope Drainage System.
  • Downspouts and Gutter Systems.