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What is Wasim Akram famous for?

What is Wasim Akram famous for?

Wasim Akram, byname King of Swings, (born June 3, 1966, Lahore, Pakistan), Pakistani cricket player generally regarded as the greatest left-handed bowler of all time, arguably among the very best fast bowlers ever, and an outstanding all-rounder, who helped lead Pakistan to the World Cup championship of one-day …

Is Waqar Younis a Jat?

Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis are both Jats.

Was Waqar Younis a good bowler?

From then onwards, his numbers improved – bowling average dipped to 22.7 runs per wicket and strike-rate came down to 52.2 balls per dismissal. Waqar Younis made his debut in the first Test against India which commenced from November 15th, 1989 and formed one of the most iconic Test bowling duos with Wasim.

Who has most wickets ODI?

Muttiah Muralitharan
The leading wicket-taker of all time in ODIs is Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan. The spin bowler took 534 wickets in an ODI career spanning from 1993 to 2011….Leading wicket-takers in men’s One Day International cricket as of August 2021.

Characteristic Number of wickets taken
M Muralitharan (Asia/ICC/SL) 534

Who is the swing king of world?

Wasim Akram

Personal information
Nickname Sultan of Swing (along with Waqar Younis)
Height 192 cm (6 ft 4 in)
Batting Left-handed
Bowling Left-arm fast

Who is Waqar Younis wife?

Faryal Waqar Younism. 2000
Waqar Younis/Wife

Who took 6 wickets in 6 balls?

In a rare instance, a bowler named Aled Carey produced the ‘perfect over’ by taking six wickets in six balls while playing club cricket in Australia. His first wicket was caught at slip, followed by a caught-behind, an LBW and three consecutive clean bowls thereafter.

Who is Yorker King?

T Natarajan is the new yorker king of the IPL. So good was T Natarajan in IPL 2020, he became the new yorker king of the IPL, taking over the mantle from Malinga, who skipped the season. Every time SRH seemed in trouble, skipper David Warner turned to ‘Nattu’.

Who is the king of batsman?

Virat Kohli is regarded as the one of the best batsman in the world currently and is also known as the king of cricket.