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What ports are bit addressable?

What ports are bit addressable?

Explanation: PORT 0 and PORT 2 are used as the 16 bit address lines where PORT0 act as lower bit address lines and PORT 2 as higher bit address lines. 4. Which of the following registers are not bit addressable? Explanation: PCON register is not a bit addressable register.

Are all bits of Port B bit addressable?

Register B is also byte addressable and bit addressable. To access bit o or to access all 8 bits (as a single byte), physical address F0 is used.

What is meant by bit addressable area in 8051?

Bit-addressable objects are objects that may be addressed as words or as bits. Only data objects that occupy the bit-addressable area of the 8051 internal memory fall into this category. The Cx51 Compiler places variables declared with the bdata memory type into the bit-addressable area.

How many bits are addressable in microcontroller 8051?

The bit addressable memory in 8051 is compose from 210 bits: bit address space: 20H – 2FH bytes RAM = 00H – 7FH bits address, SFR registers.

Is TCON bit addressable?

It is not bit addressable.

Is Pcon bit addressable?

PCON (Power Control) NOTE: PCON register is not bit addressable. During Idle Mode, the Microcontroller will stop the Clock Signal to the ALU (CPU) but it is given to other peripherals like Timer, Serial, Interrupts, etc. In order to terminate the Idle Mode, you have to use an Interrupt or Hardware Reset.

What is DPTR in 8051?

The Data Pointer (DPTR) is the 8051’s only user-accessible 16-bit (2-byte) register. DPTR is meant for pointing to data. It is used by the 8051 to access external memory using the address indicated by DPTR. DPTR is the only 16-bit register available and is often used to store 2-byte values.

Is PSW bit addressable in 8051?

The PSW register is a bit and byte-addressable register. This register reflects the status of the operation that is carried out in the controller. The PSW register determines bank selection by an RS1 and RS0, as shown below.

Which SFR from following is not bit addressable?

Embedded Systems – SFR Registers

Byte Address Bit Address
8A Not bit Addressable TL0
89 Not bit Addressable TMOD
88 8F TCON
87 Not bit Addressable PCON

What is use of TF1 bit in TCON register?

Timer Control Register (TCON): TCON is another register used to control operations of counter and timers in microcontrollers. It is an 8-bit register wherein four upper bits are responsible for timers and counters and lower bits are responsible for interrupts. TF1: The TF1 stands for ‘timer1’ flag bit.

Which register has SMOD bit?

The SMOD Bit in the PCON Register is used to control the Baud Rate of the Serial Port. There are two general purpose Flag Bits in the PCON Register, which can be used by the programmer during execution.