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Where did Telemachus go on his journey?

Where did Telemachus go on his journey?

The goddess Athena, disguised as Mentes, advises Telemachus to visit Pylos and Sparta. Athena tells Telemachus that he might hear news of his father, Odysseus.

How long has Telemachus been gone?

Telemachus was in Pylos and he was gone for one year.

Where has Telemachus been for the last year?

Where has Telemachus been? Why do you think he went on this journey? He took a ship to pylos. He went looking for his father.

Where is Telemachus in Book 13?

He assures Odysseus that he can stay with him as long as he likes. The end of this section finds Telemachus landing back on Ithaca. In these books Odysseus completes his jouney home although he still has several trials he needs to face in order to resume his position as king.

Is Telemachus a God?

Nestor, king of Pylos, tells Telemachus (Odysseus’s son) about the Trojan War. Telemachus, in Greek mythology, son of the Greek hero Odysseus and his wife, Penelope. When Telemachus reached manhood, he visited Pylos and Sparta in search of his wandering father.

Did Telemachus recognize his father?

From Sparta Telemachus returned home; and on his arrival there, he found his father, with the swineherd Eumaeus. But as Athena had metamorphosed him into a beggar, Telemachus did not recognise his father until the latter disclosed to him who he was.

Does Telemachus recognize his father?

Telemachus does not recognize his father because Odysseus is disguised as a lowly beggar and all three men proceed to eat together.

What is Telemachus afraid of?

It is understandable that Telemachus is scared of the suitors – they have been plotting to kill him. Knowing this, he tells Eumaeus to let his mother know he is back safely, but to make sure the suitors do not hear. He must even come back without telling Laertes, Odysseus’s father, that his grandson is home.